9 Robots, AI, and Microchips

For the sake of recognising the irreducible difference between a human being and a machine / computer, it would be of the most absolute advantage to mankind that we begin to see robots with artificial intelligence walking the streets of the West.

In a similar spirit, we would also benefit from watching the eternal failure of the robot to be anything more than a kind of trickery based on the 'beliefs' of Godless scientists who insist (and they are echoed by the laity) that brains, drugs, therapies, properties of DNA, etc., have anything to reveal about the true human being.

In essentials, the technology of the West has nothing to teach about the secret abyss on which we are framed: our mind and consciousness. The robot (which is still strangely absent from our streets) will gradually show us this.

In addition, we can have the satisfaction of being able to track, control, and read the mind of the robot. And, contrariwise, people, otherwise so shamelessly docile about the ravages of technology within their own soul and lifetime, will see the reason why they deserve the dignity of being free from being subjected to technological manipulation. I mean the 'chips', phones, and machine body inserts which are otherwise likely to become essential and ruinous elements of an already hive-like and elderly, weakened human race.

Design Jason Powell, 2020.