The Prime Minister's Summer Party

And that was when they cried boo hoo

When Britain’s premier threw a party at his house

Because from a laboratory, there came a super flu.

Well, first the Chinese burned the evidence;

Soon after, masks and drugs were all the rage

But those Asians were compliant and rich, so no one could say ‘Boo!’

And so we just got on with it! Eventually six hundred died

Six hundred Britons, who were not already ill, or very old,

They died because a science lab had made a super flu.

O no, the athletes started doing their own thing,

And ten percent of people felt like the Jews in Hitler's time

But, nothing could be done to put them down, except Boo hoo!

And so for two years, no one worked

They shut the churches and made Sturgeon and that Welsh one into God;

They printed money til inflation came just like a super flu.

And what was most decisive and alarming

Was when the British premier had a knees up at his house

Which made most people angry, so they all cried boo hoo hoo

And boo hoo hoo, and BOO HOO HOO HOO! HOO!

And all because some scientists came and made a super flu.

Design Jason Powell, 2022.

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