The Knowledge

‘What we need is a book of knowledge written so well as to constitute literature in its own right. […] It would also be a survival manual for our successors. A book that was readily available should disaster happen.’ – James Lovelock

‘Don’t trust midwives, social workers, and those kinds of people. They are all barren.’

The world is what is seems to be, unfolding

Out of time from the past that you can see,

Into the future which you cannot.

And what it seems to be is what it actually is

And any man is the temporary point where the world happens

As he lets the world arise and be

From the grounds of his understanding.

The world will make you do things

It presents truths and facts you can’t avoid

It has laws for men which they cannot avoid

Without being ruined.

And how you stand up against the world,

How you survive over time and remain your self,

Reveals your soul; you must learn to love certain things.

Be attached to the good in the world

And let your soul be revealed for what it is.

Survive with love. And this is how to love:

Love God first, who made the world and you

Human as well as divine creator. Love with his Spirit.

Then love your people, above all things

Remain unquestioningly loyal to your land,

That specific place where you saw the light,

Which also means: love your children and your parents,

Because they are the land.

If you do not do this, nothing will survive,

Instead, your soul will be snuffed out.

Love your wife, with gentleness, and raise your daughters

To have children and to care for the household.

Be suspicious of foreigners and prepare for war with them.

Avoid homosexuality and spend your time

With the woman, the wife, and give her reverence

She is weak and needs you.

Raise your sons to be hard and cruel to other men

Or, in other words, to have courage,

If you love them; educate some with letters and numbers.

Your dead ancestors gave you the place you live in.

The dead deserve the major say in what you do,

So do what they did. They will not let you down.

But those ancestors from before the flood,

Forget them. They are the ones who made a deal

With the devil, first by conjuring and black masses,

They sought the devil out with alchemy and magic.

They wanted power.

And then by observation and calculation

They were given power over the world, and called it ‘Nature’

And called their skill ‘science’.

The devil gave them power, and for his fee

He took their souls. They lived long lives,

They travelled around the earth, they raised invincible armies

And they had pleasure,

And all of this without a soul; cut loose

From facts and the law of the world,

They spoiled the world and wrecked it.

They finally learned to exert power over themselves

By organising and owning each other’s bodies;

The men were effete and slavish, the women barren.

Lacking honour, and lacking love for God, country, and themselves,

They died and their souls went to hell,

Which they knew very well would happen, having made the deal.

Do not seek to change the laws of the world,

Avoid thinking about yourself

As manipulators of nature of each other, nor seek power

By that kind of deal with the devil.

Aim to let the world unfold in its laws in time and space.

Love, and survive. Endure and become one with God.

Love sparingly: our God, our land, yourself, our children,

And your women, and ancestors, and for the future.

Show no pity or love for whatever threatens you

Or for those people who believe in different things.

Be honest to each other about the world and the facts

And about what is good and bad for you.

Work and build, and have periodic festivals to God.

These are the rules of the world. Where it cannot be discouraged

Let some be set aside

For a lifetime of silent communication with what is beyond us.

For some are destined for the highest things

And others have no aptitude for them.

Design Jason Powell, 2020.

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